Wild Garlic

It’s hard to imagine that Spring is really here, what with the blizzards and freezing winds we have been experiencing recently. Nevertheless, the buds are beginning to unfurl on the trees and the leaves of wild garlic are poking their way up through the mud and snow. Wild garlic, (Allium ursinum), has to be one […]

Silver Birch

I took a walk down into an old quarry near Hathersage today and was struck by the number of silver birch trees growing here, whilst there was almost a total absence of other types of tree. It got me thinking about how this tree is able to grow so quickly in areas which other trees […]

Field Trips for Psychology Students

It had been snowing and raining hard all week and the ground had turned to welly-deep mud. Miraculously though the rain held off for the afternoons of the trips, and the hardy students who braved the elements were rewarded with a glimpse of sunshine too! The final year psychology students from Sheffield Hallam University came […]

Cold and Flu herbal remedies

I once read a comment by a quick witted critic of complementary therapies that went something along the lines of “the common cold takes a week to clear up and only seven days if you use echinacea!” So does it work or not? Well it certainly has been shown to increase the immune response at […]

Exercise in menopause

We all know it’s good to keep active but what types of exercise are best during the menopausal years? Yoga ticks many boxes as not only can it maintain and increase flexibility it also helps induce relaxation and reduces stress levels. You can’t beat being outdoors to lift your mood too, so I’d definitely recommend […]