Why you should use a foam roller

Those of you who come to me regularly for massage know what a fan I am of the foam roller. I’m not talking about the ones that you put in your hair to make it curly, rather those used to iron out tired and stiff muscles. Whilst some favour the steamroller approach of using the […]


Most of us are familiar with the idea of herbal tea and enjoy a cup of peppermint, chamomile or even some of the more exotic blends on the market. Herbal tea is defined as fresh or dried plant matter which is infused or decocted in hot water. This can be the leaves, flowers, berries, bark, […]

What is a herbal tincture?

Herbal medicine can be administered in various forms including as a tea, capsule or tincture. Tinctures are a method of extracting the plant’s active constituents using ethanol. The herb is macerated in the alcohol, often vodka, for 6-8 weeks and then pressed through a filter and the marc (solid plant matter) is discarded. The remaining […]

Stretching for runners

I have two clients preparing for the Virgin London Marathon this coming April, whilst others are training for half marathons and triathlons or are just starting out with C25K programmes. Whatever the distance they’re all runners who need to take care of their bodies and remain injury free to reach their individual goals. At the […]

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)

Seeing the first snowdrops of the year is so heart-lifting and indeed the flower is also known as the Flower of Hope. It is not a native, rather an alpine plant that is accustomed to snow and cold climes. It even has a little protective leaf at the top of its stem to push through […]