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Passionate about Pomegranates

These beautiful fruits are still in season and well worth the effort of getting the juicy and delicious seeds out! I know it can be a hassle and puts people off but I’ve experimented in various ways and have come to the conclusion that the riper the fruit is the easier it is to remove […]


Cinnamon (Cinnamomun zeylanicum), is a lovely, warming spice and great to use at this time of year. I remember my mother using it in its ground form, mixed with sugar and sprinkled on hot buttered toast, and I would eat this when I came home from school on cold, winter afternoons. One of cinnamon’s beneficial […]

Nuts About Nuts

Most of us are aware that nuts contain a lot of goodness, but I know many folk won’t eat them because they are worried about the fat content. However, unless you are allergic to them, there are many good reasons why you should include them regularly in your diet. They contain¬†protein, fibre, antioxidants, and many […]

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Stretching for Runners

Heading out for a run in the mornings or evenings I have become sadly aware that it’s getting rather colder recently. Obviously adding extra layers is a sensible step, but it’s also time to remind you runners of the importance of warming up before a run! The warmer muscles are, the less likely you are […]