Massage in Pregnancy

Many women are drawn to the idea of massage during pregnancy. It can be used to relieve the associated aches and pains, as a form of deep relaxation, a way of getting in touch with both your body and your baby and to prepare for the impending birth. Massage is truly beneficial at this time […]

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Hot Stones Massage

Unlike what you may have experienced in a spa treatment these stones are not placed on the body, but rather heated to a high temperature and used to massage the soft tissue. Hot stones massage has the effect of relaxing the underlying muscles and connective tissues much more quickly than using the hands alone. It […]

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Kinesiology Taping

I went to a great workshop on kinesiology taping at the weekend. It is thought the tape works by creating tension and lifting the skin away from the underlying tissue which may promote circulation and lymphatic flow. It can also take pressure off nerves and can support painful joints and sore muscles, allowing natural healing to […]