Herbs for menopause

Are there any natural treatments that work if you don’t want to take HRT or it’s simply not an option for you? Some women find their menopausal symptoms are relieved by taking herbal medicine. Herbs used in the menopause are aimed at achieving hormonal balance rather than artificially raising oestrogen levels. Sage has been shown […]

Diet in menopause

Can diet really improve or worsen the symptoms of menopause? It would definitely appear to be the case. Extreme fatigue is a very real problem for many of us during the menopause, so a diet that maintains steady blood sugar levels instead of the peaks and troughs caused by caffeine, sugar and processed foods will […]


If you don’t think the menopause affects you in any way then please feel free to scroll on. However whether you are a woman or a man, young or old, a work colleague, a son or daughter, mother or father or someone’s partner you are going to directly or indirectly experience this phenomenon at some […]

Village Horticultural Society Talk

I really enjoyed my talk to the Grindleford Horticultural Society. They were an engaging and responsive audience who asked lots of questions and told me about their own experiences of using medicinal plants as well as foraging, growing herbs and companion gardening. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with such switched on folk and […]

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Of all the Latin names for plants and trees the one for coltsfoot has to be my favourite. The almost comical Tussilago farfara evokes for me the action of this little herb which is anti-tussive and often used to treat dry coughs. Another name given to it is Son before the Father which refers to […]