Cold and Flu herbal remedies

I once read a comment by a quick witted critic of complementary therapies that went something along the lines of “the common cold takes a week to clear up and only seven days if you use echinacea!” So does it work or not? Well it certainly has been shown to increase the immune response at […]

Exercise in menopause

We all know it’s good to keep active but what types of exercise are best during the menopausal years? Yoga ticks many boxes as not only can it maintain and increase flexibility it also helps induce relaxation and reduces stress levels. You can’t beat being outdoors to lift your mood too, so I’d definitely recommend […]

Herbs for menopause

Are there any natural treatments that work if you don’t want to take HRT or it’s simply not an option for you? Some women find their menopausal symptoms are relieved by taking herbal medicine. Herbs used in the menopause are aimed at achieving hormonal balance rather than artificially raising oestrogen levels. Sage has been shown […]

Diet in menopause

Can diet really improve or worsen the symptoms of menopause? It would definitely appear to be the case. Extreme fatigue is a very real problem for many of us during the menopause, so a diet that maintains steady blood sugar levels instead of the peaks and troughs caused by caffeine, sugar and processed foods will […]


The muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons all work together in response to signals from the brain. Tendons are strong bands of connective tissue which connect muscles to bones and their job is to help the muscles move the joint. Ligaments, on the other hand, connect one bone to another and help to stabilize the joints […]