Sage (Salvia officinalis)

This hardy herb is still flourishing in the garden. It is an evergreen with woody stems and a member of the mint family with the characteristic pinky – blue whorls of flowers in the summer months. Salvia is taken from the Latin name salvare which means to be saved or in good health. It was […]

Yarrow (Achillea millifolium)

This pretty little herb is still vigorously in flower along the banks of one of my local stream ways. The leaves are a soft, feathery dark green and the flowers arranged in umbrella shaped clusters. Yarrow is one of the world’s oldest medicinal herbs and was one of eight pollens found in a Neanderthal burial […]

Borage (Borago officinalis)

I’m really enjoying seeing these these end of summer flowers, the strong colours and shapes seem even more intense than usual against the backdrops of brown and dark greens. Borage is in the same family as comfrey but medicinally the plant is used in some quite a different ways. It was traditionally held that Borage […]

Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)

This graceful herb is still in flower even though it is so late in October. It is another plant that grows freely here in my parents garden, although it is unusual to find any whole specimens because a frequent visitor, a red deer who my parents have aptly named Primrose, is extremely partial to the […]

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

The Latin name for this flower is taken from the word calends or calendar, as the herb is reputed to flower every month of the year. It is certainly out in force at the moment, in the local allotments and gardens, and adds a welcome splash of sunshine at this time of the year. English […]