Foraging at Matlock 6th May 2023

Such a great foraging session on Saturday 6th May at Woven Earth in Riber near Matlock, Derbyshire. A good turn out considering and I reckon King Charles would have approved with his love of nature and sustainability credentials. I did extend an invite to him but he was otherwise engaged 😃. Anyway I digress. We wandered through the fields finding loads of edible and medicinal plants and trees and made our own herbal tea along the way. Afterwards we relaxed in the barn with a little revision on what we’d seen and a meditation on the tea we’d made. Lastly but not least there was the preprepared wild garlic pesto with rosemary crackers and the cupcakes with buttercream and lavender seed. With an added drizzle of dandelion flower syrup these proved to be so monstrously sweet that no one could manage more than one, which now means I have lots to get through