Holistic and Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage

This form of massage uses a variety of strokes both light and firm to relax the entire body. These include long gliding strokes working towards the direction of the heart, kneading, cross fibre strokes, stretching and percussion movements such as tapping.

It can improve circulation and muscle tone as well as decreasing stress levels, aid restful sleep and may also help boost the immune system. Swedish massage can be combine with aromatherapy or used as a stand alone treatment according to your personal preferences.

Hot Stones Massage

Unlike what you may have experienced in a spa treatment these stones are not placed on the body, but rather heated to a high temperature and used to massage the soft tissue. This has the effect of relaxing the underlying muscles and connective tissues much more quickly than using the hands alone.

It allows me to work more deeply and effectively, addressing any problem areas. It can be used as a whole body relaxing treatment or can be combined with sports and remedial massage techniques to work on specific areas.

The type of stones used are porous basalt rocks which hold the heat evenly and for a good amount of time.


I prescribe essential oils in my herbal medicine practice for topical use and I also use them in massage as a way of enhancing my work.

Aromatherapy can be used for healing conditions and injuries as well as strengthening the immune system and reducing stress. Whilst it is often used as a whole body massage treatment it can also be used to target specific areas. The molecules of the volatile oils enter the bloodstream both through inhalation and less directly, through the dermis of the skin.

Essential oils are plant extracts which have been procured through steam distillation using water and heat.

Expressed oils are produced by pressing citrus fruits, without the use of heat or solvents. Absolutes, such as rose oil, are the result of a very complex process using solvents such as hexane and alcohol extraction.

There are many inferior quality, cheap essential oils and synthetic oils available on the market. These do not have therapeutic qualities and have no place in my practice. I use only top grade oils sourced from manufacturers where the provenance is recorded and a comprehensive chemical breakdown of the constituents is available.

Every blend I prepare is tailored to you as an individual. Just as in my herbal medicine practice, I take a thorough case history and the blend is highly specific to your particular condition or needs. I also prescribe creams or oils, where appropriate, for my clients to apply topically in between treatments.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage in pregnancy can relieve associated aches and pains and is a great way of getting in touch with both your body and your baby as well as preparing for the birth. I use very specific and safe techniques with the mum-to-be lying comfortably in her side to remove pressure from the lower spine as well as removing any risk of pressure on the abdomen and the growing baby.

Through a variety of soft tissue massage and stretching techniques I help ease any discomfort and pain across the lower back and pelvis, legs, the spine, shoulders and neck, as well as promoting deep relaxation and helping with pregnancy related symptoms such as restless legs, insomnia, headaches and heartburn.

I also offer advice on exercise and diet and incorporate positive visualisation or hypnobirthing techniques during the massage session if desired.

The hot stones was glorious! Honestly, I don’t remember ever feeling so relaxed.
RJ – Sheffield

I feel nurtured and cared for during the treatments and have experienced a good degree of relief from discomfort as well as increasing my own body awareness and ability to self care.
SR – Chesterfield

Renuka gives a very special, almost spiritual massage, I felt she was totally there for me throughout the whole massage.
JP – Grindleford