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Kinesiology Taping

I went to a great workshop on kinesiology taping at the weekend. It is thought the tape works by creating tension and lifting the skin away from the underlying tissue which may promote circulation and lymphatic flow.

It can also take pressure off nerves and can support painful joints and sore muscles, allowing natural healing to occur. It may also be useful in bringing awareness to and improving poor posture. It does not restrict movement and could even enhance performance. Certainly many top athletes swear by it. Our teacher, Earle Abrahamson, a renowned sports therapist and psychologist, has worked with many athletes including competitors at the 2012 Olympics. He taught us plenty of new skills and techniques using the tape. As soon as I got home I taped my daughter as she has painful ankles exacerbated by gymnastics (see photo below)

But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from this treatment. It can be used on all types of conditions from acute sprains or strains to chronic injuries which have occurred over a gradual period of time and are hard to shift.